Who We Are:

Why are fireworks so mesmerizing?  Is it the surprise of sudden sparks?  The heart-skipping beat of a suspense between the first flash and the final bang of radiant color, light and noise?  Or perhaps it’s the people we watch fireworks with, the traditions of togetherness they commemorate; the passage of time, and the power of community.

Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks harnesses the irresistible magic of fireworks.  For five generations, our firework display company has created award winning pyrotechnic displays that highlight our impeccable craftsmanship, emphasis on innovation and our dedicated, passionate partnerships with our clients and communities.

The work we do is hands-on, hand crafted and incredibly detailed.  We are proud to support long-time American traditions, and are proud to have been one of the first firework display companies in the world to combine music with fireworks, ushering in a new era of the industry.  The pyrotechnic displays we design can be as large as a spectacular multi-media pyromusical production for an audience of 500,000, or as simple as a treasured annual fireworks display for a small community or private event.  No matter the project, we ensure each of our designs is a sensational, memorable and innovative experience — because we know we only have one shot to get it right.

Planning a fireworks event with Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks comes with the guarantee that you will receive a tailor-made, imaginative and impeccably designed display for your event.  With the support of our staff of 400 of the most experienced pyrotechnicians you can rest assured that your event will be seamlessly executed.

Our Story

Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks was founded on one man’s dream, and that man was Paolo Rozzi—the great-grandfather of current company leader, Nancy Rozzi.  Paolo founded the company in Southern Italy in 1895 before emigrating to New Castle, Pennsylvania.  In 1930, after significant company growth, Paolo’s son Arthur Rozzi Sr. —alongside his two sons Joseph and Paul—moved the business to Cincinnati, Ohio, where they molded the company into what it is today.  With Nancy Rozzi, daughter of Joseph Rozzi, currently managing the day to day operations, Rozzi’s Famous Fireworks has built upon its strong reputation within the fireworks industry and continues to innovate, bringing their award winning displays and craftsmanship to audiences around the world.

Nancy Rozzi


Grew up with four generations of pyrotechnics in her blood.  She’s the ultimate woman behind the scenes, bringing her lifelong know how into all aspects of the business.  She manages our consumer sales and product design, handles all management, and provides infinite inspiration and guidance.

Joe Rozzi

VP Of Sales/ Pyro Designer

May be the only salesman—pyro-designer hyphenate with as many years of experience as he does in the industry.  With over 30 years of experience, his experience with pyrotechnic design and overall fireworks knowledge is unrivaled.

Michael Lutz

VP of Finance and Operations, Soundtrack Engineer and Pyrotechnic Display Designer

Michael, a fifth generation Rozzi, left Wall Street in 2012 to join the family business. Since then he has become a noteworthy pyromusical show designer and soundtrack engineer.  Michael also manages the business operations and coordination with our Italian fireworks partner Panzera, in order to ensure that we are delivering high quality products and entertainment to our customers worldwide.

Kathy Rozzi

Client Liaison and Pre-production

With over 40 years of experience, Kathy is the perfect link between us and our wonderful clients.  She handles pre-production—contracts, insurance, permits—masterfully.

Production Team

Bob Halker, Tyler Wiesmann, Dustin Purivs, Zac Phillips, Allen Gerard, Bennie Sanchez

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