Fire Up The Night:

Since 2012, Fire up the Night has been lighting up the night skies over Cincinnati with amazing firework displays. Created and produced by Rozzi Fireworks in conjunction with Coney Island, it is the United States only international fireworks competition.

Heading into its 9th year, the event has played host to over 21 different display companies.

Every year, three firework display companies are invited from around the world to design world class pyro-musicals which are displayed along the banks of Lake Como at Ohio’s famous Coney Island amusement park. Each company is given the same rules and the same parameters to follow and the displays are voted on by the public and a panel of judges. The criteria they follow is how well the fireworks are timed to the music, the theme and soundtrack, diversity of unique effects, and the overall design and quality of the display

The 2019 Teams

H.C. Pyrotechnics


Since 2015 the team has won 4 First Place awards in competitions in France, Croatia, Germany and Switzerland. They’ve had five major international presentations including, Disney’s Summer is Magic Tour.

Da Nang Fireworks


Established in 2008, the team has participated in many competitions in the world and were named Champion of the 2014 Global Fest in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and took 2nd place in the Celebration of Light event in Vancouver, Canada in 2012.

Bolshoy Pradznik


This transnational group was established in 1993 and has held more than 8,000 shows around the world. The team has repeatedly taken prizes at international festivals in Zagreb, Barcelona, Shanghai, Moscow and many other cities around the world. Most recently in 2019, they were named the Grand Prix winner in the international championships of pyrotechnic art “Pyro Five Peaks” in Essentuki Russia.

Event History


Champion – Russia: Bolshoy Pradznik


Champion – Germany: Rohr Feuerwerke – Ernst Rohr GmbH


Champion –  Greece: Nanos Fireworks & Special Effects


Champion – Greece: Nanos Fireworks & Special Effects


Champion –  Australia: Skylighter Fireworks


Champion – Japan: Hanabi Yokohama Co., Ltd.


Champion – Portugal: Grupo Luso Pirotecnia


Champion – Sirius Pyrotechnics Inc – Canada

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