For more than 40 years, Rozzi Fireworks has been lighting up the night sky every Sunday before Labor Day in Cincinnati, Ohio.  What started out as a small show in 1977, for local rock radio station WEBN, has blossomed into a spectacle of light, color, and sound.  Every year since, Rozzi Fireworks has innovated and expanded this show, to help make it the premier fireworks event in Cincinnati.  

Rozzi’s was one of the first fireworks display companies in the world to combine music with fireworks, evolving this display into one of the largest annual pyro-musical displays in the country and ushering in a new era into the industry.

With firework positions placed on a 600 ft barge and even more spanning on two bridges, very few venues come close to the intimate experience that this event creates. Now in its 43rd year, over 500,000 people view this spectacular display and even more are able to enjoy it live on television.

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